808 Ultimate Toolbox Vol 1

Step up your 808 game!


How is This Pack Organized?

When we started working on this pack, we wanted to make sure that each designed and processed 808 hits harder than any other sample that we’ve heard before.

Firstly, we made a collection of 808 samples key-labeled and organized into 3 main categories: our own signature 808s, a collection of distorted 808s, and a collection of clean ones to give you more flexibility if you want to add your own flavor.

In order to speed up your workflow, we divided them into 3 sub categories -short, medium, and long- for easier navigation.

... but we realized that this was not enough

We wanted to take this pack steps further and make it the best 808 pack available out there. So we came up with this toolbox idea which helps you craft you own 808 in absolutely no time. Pick and combine your favorite components to come up with unique 808 samples that fit perfectly in your beat.

The 808 Components

The Tail - Essential
This is the main part and the DNA of the 808. The main sub part that provides the low end. We included 60 tails key labeled, and organized into 3 sub labels: short, medium, and long.
The Punch - Recommended
This part is mainly made out of mid frequencies. The punch effect is the result of a very fast pitch envelope. This is the part that hits you right in the chest. We included 40 punch samples.
The Transient - Optional
Make sure your listener is aware of each 808 hit in your song no matter where the audio is being played back. This short transient provides that extra top click to help it stand out in the mix. We included 20 transients.
Dirt & Noise - Optional
Add that extra flavor and vintage feel to your 808 sample with our collection of noise and vinyl crackles. They don't have to be loud, but sitting right in the background for some warm nostalgic vibes.

optimized for samplers

Most sampler players map the loaded sample into the note C no matter what key it’s in. To help you work faster, we added a C version for each 808 sample and tail, so that you can load it into your favorite sampler without worrying about transposing the sample in order to map it to the piano roll.

Bonus - The 808 guide

In order to help you master the art of 808 production, we included an eBook guide to take your 808 design and processing to the next level. Get 14+ tips and tricks that can be applied instantly in your songs.


Most frequent questions and answers

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The eBook is a downloadable PDF.

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